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Coach Scott
ICF executive coach and trainer

Ready to break through barriers with powerful ICF coaching?

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Coach Scott Speaking

I'm a credentialed EQ-i practitioner and ICF Coach with 24 years experience in leadership development. I coach, consult and facilitate training for businesses and people on transformational changes and performance excellence.

I'm a culture catalyst and have spent the past 10 years EQ-i coaching and training in 19 countries worldwide.


My emotional intelligence assessment and coaching service enables executives to unlock their leadership potential, drive organisational success and develop a positive high performing workplace culture.


My strategic mental models and coaching frameworks will quickly and easily identify how to improve your business performance  and achieve your goals and build a growth mindset for increased ROI. My experience spans across start-ups to MNC's.

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Value & Benefits

  • Personalised ICF coaching

  • Comprehensive leadership development

  • Leadership potential and success planning

  • Organisational performance and culture 

  • Time saving interpretation and analysis

  • EQ-i 360 degree feedback and blindspot identification credentialied by the American Psychological Associaciation (APA)



Transformative Storytelling: Unlocking motivation, emotional intelligence and business success

Access my full suite of EQ-i coaching program details here.


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